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Shaping together the future of tourism

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Les Entretiens Internationaux du Tourisme du Futur

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3rd edition

SEPTEMBER 5th, 6th and 7th 2018


Serge PILICER, Founding President of the EITF


Does tourism really have a future?


Nothing will prevent tourism from developing. But it will have to reinvent itself with a level of ethics that is equal to the challenges of "humanity" so as to become one of the most important factors of human cohesion. If we do not succeed in imposing this objective, then by 2030-2050 we will witness a double disaster: sociological and ecological disaster.

All our territories, however attractive they may be, and our innovations, however disruptive they may be, will be swept away if we do not bring a little awareness.

Tourism is an opportunity for the world. It is much more than an industry, it is a balancing factor of LIFE in the ecological reconquest of our land and our territories.

It is a barometer for "peace", an indicator for a sustainable and responsible world. States, local authorities and private actors must work together to ensure that the ecosystems "staged" in travel offers are preserved and respected.

The 3rd edition of the International Tourism Talks of the Future (Entretiens Internationaux du Tourisme du Futur, EITF) will be held over 2 days at the forefront of a new sociological reflection for an ethical, reasoned and sustainable Tourism of the Future.

Sustainable development in tomorrow's tourism must be everyone's concern.

Those who make and will make the trend for the future of our tourism

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Christian MANTEI, CEO of Atout France

and Chairman of the EITF Scientific Committee

Sustainable and ethical tourist destinations

More than a century old, tourism occupies a very singular place in the world tourism economy. Being a territorial market economy, this transversal sector places many territories as destinations of excellence. France is consolidating its position as the world's leading destination thanks to the innovation that the regions are incorporating into their tourism offerings. But the world is changing and tourism is changing profoundly with it. We will exceed 5 billion passengers in the world and France could welcome 100 million tourists in 2020. To receive them well, we must undertake responsible, ethical and sustainable transformations.

Nevertheless, this industry - which relies on major players - is supported by a multitude of innovative companies made up of men and women who work every day on their own scale to promote their territory and their country. This network is the strength of tourism today and will be even more so tomorrow.

But the challenge is elsewhere: in a period of unprecedented flow growths, in a world sometimes torn apart causing massive population displacements, faced with ever fiercer competition and an acceleration in the digitization of traditional models, managing this development in a sustainable and ethical manner is becoming a priority. That is, by guaranteeing the preservation of environmental ecosystems - the main resource in the world of travel.

 "Respecting" the environment becomes as important as "receiving".

"Understanding" individuals through their cultures becomes more important than "discovering" them.

France has a responsibility to the world. A land of lights, it must set an example in safeguarding built and immaterial heritage. It is through voluntary and courageous actions that the fundamental balance will be restored.

Favour a harmonious approach that takes into account the uses of residents and the expectations of tourists, a better distribution of flows now concentrated on world capitals and a few spots, a trade-off between ex nihilo creation and requalification of the existing, a commitment to controlled and reasoned growth and conditions of access, both physically and financially equitable, to leisure, entertainment, rest... and everything that is conducive to discovery, contemplation and human encounters.

The tourism of the future must be an opportunity for our planet.




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